By Naomi from the Youth Project

I collected a cheque from West Bridgford school today for an amazing £2765.00 that their students have raised for the refugee fourm. We have been working with them for the past couple of months doing a workshop with 7 of our young people and their year 9 tutor reps, after which they planned and delivered assemblies all week followed by a non school uniform day and various cake sales. The teachers told me they have never before raised so much money for a charity and everyone got behind it, and I think they too were taken aback by the amount. I’ve been so impressed by the kids in that school and they have been so welcoming and supportive to the young people we brought in.

Today we went back to take part in their assembly, and Senay (pictured) spoke to all of year 10 giving first hand experience of how the forum have helped him. He has only been here for 6 months since coming out of Calais and he did amazingly well and I think it really helped connect with the young people.

Thanks again to the wonderful students of West Bridgeford School – we really appreciate it!


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