Find out how we can help you

What we can do to help

  • Help resolve issues in relation to asylum support
  • Help new refugees with opening bank accounts and accessing housing and benefits
  • Support with accessing English classes
  • Support with accessing health care
  • Help clients understand letters
  • Provide practical support to destitute asylum seekers
  • Signpost to local solicitors
  • Advice and support for LGBTQI+ issues
  • Offer opportunities to join different groups and activities, including women’s group, youth group and gardening
  • Offer training to support refugees to integrate into UK life
  • Empower refugees to be self-sufficient
  • Enable refugees to adapt and build on their skills and strengths to find suitable employment locally
  • Provide interpreting services
  • Offer volunteering opportunities

What we don’t do

  • Provide Housing
  • Help with queries from British Citizens
  • Give legal advice in relation to asylum claims
  • Help with travel document applications
  • Help people apply for British Citizenship
  • Encourage dependency
  • Build unrealistic expectations

Need help with general advice?

We are always here to provide support and advice. Get in touch at anytime, We are happy to help.

Other ways we help

Check out some of our projects below.