This Christmas do more than buy socks…

This Christmas instead of buying socks, chocolates etc for your friends/family why not make a Gift Donation to the NNRF and help a destitute individual or family here in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire? We will send a Certificate to the recipient acknowledging your gift.

For the full Christmas Catalogue and Order Form please click here.
NNRF clothes railNNRF Turkey


Christmas Dinner £5: Provide Christmas Dinner for a destitute individual
Feed a Family for a week £10: Providing groceries for a vulnerable family
Clothing £10: Provide clothing for a destitute individual
Support a Young Person £15: Activities to help young people integrate into the community
Housing £20: Towards the cost of turning a house into a home for a vulnerable family
Language Classes £25: Towards the cost of providing English Classes
Training/education £30: Towards the cost of providing training/education
Provide Advice for 1 day £50: Supporting up to 10 families with advice and support
Volunteer for a year £150: Towards the cost providing a supported and trained volunteer working with clients to improve their lives    NNRF volunteerNNRF students

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