Stand Up For Asylum

This week, Refugee Action launches the Stand Up For Asylum campaign. Over the next three years, we will be campaigning to reform the current asylum system that, as you know, too often fails those it is meant to protect. It is a system that can leave people destitute and homeless or in squalid accommodation, without the most basic support to live their lives in dignity. A desperate lack of legal support and information also means many are unable to make their case for protection. It is unfair, ineffective and in urgent need of improvement.


But it doesn’t have to be this way. To mark the launch of our campaign, we are publishing our vision (also attached) for what a fair and effective asylum system would look like. It is a vision of a society that provides all those seeking sanctuary with compassion, a fair decision, essential support and help to rebuild their lives. We have also worked with Huffington Post to publish a series of blogs from people (Ana, Sardasht, Rose) who have been through the system and will be promoting a new video that highlights the true meaning of asylum – safety, security, shelter. Additional campaign content will be shared in the coming weeks.


Under the auspices of this campaign, Refugee Action will be focusing on at least two priority areas each year. For 2019 this will be decision-making (starting in April with the publication of a campaign report looking at the impact of the current process on the wellbeing of people seeking asylum) and right to work (starting in the autumn).


How you can help

1)      Share the message! We would really appreciate support to get the word out about this campaign. See below suggested Twitter/Facebook posts – but please feel free to develop your own #StandUpForAsylum message. You might also want to attach the ‘Asylum Means’ GIF to your tweets (see attached):

Ø  “Our asylum system should be about fairness and compassion, but it’s letting down some of the world’s most vulnerable people” says @RefugeeAction on launch of #StandUpForAsylum campaign

Ø  Imagine a society where people seeking asylum receive compassion, a fair decision, essential support and help to rebuild their lives. Let’s make it a reality! #StandUpForAsylum

Ø  People seeking asylum in the UK are fleeing war and persecution. Every year the right to seek asylum saves the lives of thousands of people who would otherwise have been killed. It’s time to #StandUpForAsylum

Ø  People fleeing war and persecution are being left hungry and homeless when they reach the UK. This must change. We #StandUpForAsylum – will you?


2)      Sign up! We want to develop and run this campaign with friends and allies. We cannot succeed alone! If your organisation would like to hear more about this campaign and how you can support, please let me know and we will add you to our mailing list. This will ensure you’re up to date on our plans and invited to future consultation vents where we will start shaping other phases of the campaign and identify more concrete ways for partners to be involved.


Many thanks in advance for any support you can give to this campaign.


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