After Alison Swan Parente (MBE) visited NNRF she decided to find a way to offer a refugee scholarship at her School of Artisan Food on the beautiful Welbeck estate. Our client, Ghidey was lucky enough to take up the opportunity last year.


‘’I realised that one issue for refugees was getting into employment. Our aim was to welcome and support people in a practical way. This helps them to become self-sufficient citizens who are able to give back to the community by providing delicious, healthy, affordable bread. Ghidey is a pleasure to know, and we are very proud indeed of her progress.’’


Financed by The Rothschild Foundation the scholarship has just been confirmed for the 2018/19 academic year so it seemed like a good time to get Ghidey’s reflection on her experience:


What made you decide to take up the course initially? How has it supported your career aspirations?

I had always wanted to become a baker, after I had spent 1 year in a pizza restaurant in Eritrea.  This opportunity has given me the knowledge to become baker and succeed in the UK. I decided to take the course as these opportunities come around once in a lifetime.


What has been the best thing about the course?

The baking and the people! As well learning everything you need to know about baking in beautiful setting in the countryside.


What has been the hardest thing about the course?

Being a student again after so long out of education has been the toughest.


How have the school supported you to achieve your goals?

I have been supported by the School for my education and career goals and with funding the course etc. The Refugee Forum have supported me with all other aspects of my UK life.


What additional opportunities do you think you will now have as a result of doing the course?

I have a UK qualification and a greater insight into the industry here in the UK. I can now work in a growing industry, which is Artisan Baking.


What advice would she give to someone taking the course next year?

Be prepared to push yourself and be out of your comfort zone. Also, do it only if you love baking as much as I do. It’s a course that will last you throughout your life.


Has it been what she expected?

Yes and more. I never knew how complex baking was and all the things you needed to know. I am so privileged to have been given this opportunity.


We are currently looking for a refugee that might want to take up the opportunity, if you know anyone interested or want further information please contact: more information also available from:

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