AB, a young women from Eritrea came into General Advice, following her case refusal. She was referred to our legal support team, and a call to her solicitor established that he would be preparing a fresh claim for the client.

Through Host Nottingham, she was able to stay with a couple in West Bridgford who kindly opened their home to her while her solicitor prepared submissions and we applied for Section 4 support.  AB was also referred to our Saturday Food Group and four-weekly cash support and casework meetings.

AB’s fresh claim was turned down. This closed the application for the Section 4 support she required.

While the solicitor worked on applying for permission to judicially review the second refusal, her hosts in West Bridgford agreed to have her to continue to stay for a little longer.

We referred AB to Migrant Help to start an application for Section 4 support.

Support was granted, but our request for her to be housed in Nottingham was not successful.

I communicated with the Home Office and G4S to establish a collection date and managed to extract from them that she would be dispersed to Walsall. This news was quite a shock to AB as she had never heard of Walsall and was very connected to her church and network of friends here in Nottingham.

Once she had arrived, we called her to see that she had arrived safely and to see what her first impressions of the house were.

She was ok, said she was sharing the house with 5 other women,  and that she found the house a bit dirty but alright.

We then sent her  information of organisations in Walsall and messaged her with details of where she could get a hot meal at a local church which she said she might attend.

How can I help? 

There is ongoing scarcity of places in Nottingham for destitute clients to go to. We’ve also had an increase in referrals to the project and there are lack of resources to meet immediate requirements such as accommodation.

If you have a spare room at home and are interested in temporarily housing a destitute Asylum Seeker like AB, we urge you to visit Host‘s website for more information.

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