Into the Mainstream 

Asylum seekers can face a number of difficulties in accessing mainstream healthcare services. Our project ‘Into the Mainstream’ supports  refugees, asylum seekers and other vulnerable migrants to access NHS health services. We also refer people to other services offered by both us and other relevant organisations including advice on housing, benefits, legal assistance and anti-destitution.

Our objectives:

  • Ensuring that asylum seekers and other vulnerable migrants are able to exercise their rights to NHS services, and are shown respect for their privacy, dignity and religious and cultural beliefs
  • Documenting the health needs of asylum seekers and other vulnerable migrants
  • Identifying and addressing barriers to health services
  • Using data collected to find solutions and improve the health situation of asylum seekers and vulnerable migrants

We achieve this by

  • Making sure that clients referred to us register with a GP in their local area
  • Giving information in different languages on how to access the NHS and other health services
  • Offering support to help clients access some specialist services (psychological services, maternity services, sexual health services, dental care, and counseling)
  • Informing clients about eligibility to secondary healthcare
  • Advocating on our client’s behalf when they are struggling to access health services
  • Using a holistic approach to health and well- being by making referrals to community and statutory organisations, local government and solicitors to promote social integration and well- being.
  • Providing workshops for health professionals working with asylum seekers and refugees – including NHS professionals

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