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About the Project

We recognize that refugees are among the most underemployed groups in the UK.

We also know that employment is one of the best ways to empower people.

It helps them to integrate, reduce isolation, improve their language fluency and mental health.

At the forum, our client’s have their individual needs considered. We aim to help them to navigate the UK processes and overcome barriers in order to reach their career and education goals more quickly. We also hold regular employability workshops, so look out for the latest sessions and book through General Advice. 

Check out our employability workshops for July/August 2018  July-August Workshops

To be eligible refugees must:

  • Have the right to work
  • Have registered with the Job Centre
  • Be 16 – 29 and not in full-time education

If you want to find out more about the project, appointments can be booked through General Advice or email: