We are campaigning against the proposals in the ‘New Plan for Immigration’ and we urge you to join us.

Seeking asylum is a human right, enshrined in international law. The current asylum system in the UK is inadequate and unjust, but the UK government’s proposal to overhaul it, pioneered by Priti Patel, will make it significantly worse.

The UK Government have announced a number of controversial plans to deny people certain rights when they travel to the UK to seek asylum.

They plan to stop people arriving here by what they call illegal routes. However, according to international law no one can travel illegally if they are seeking asylum.

Those who have entered ‘illegally’ will not be granted refugee status, but will be deported or granted a temporary protection status. This status will ‘be regularly reassessed for removal from the UK, will have limited family reunion rights and will have no recourse to public funds except in cases of destitution.’ (New Plan for Immigration Policy Statement)

The plan distinguishes between those who travel by themselves to places of potential safety, thereby defining them as illegal immigrants, and those who are in refugee camps who wait for the possibility of meeting the criteria for formal resettlement through UNHCR.

This ignores the many reasons people may seek asylum such as persecution because of their sexuality, religion or gender. They would not have access to these refugee camps, giving them no alternative but to make their own way to safety.

This plan has one aim, to criminalise people fleeing persecution and seeking safety and prevent them from coming to the UK.

We urge the government to reconsider this inhumane plan and to show compassion to people who have fled persecution and need help, and create a range of safe routes to come to the UK.

NNRF are part of the Nottingham Immigration Plan Response Group that has written a full response here

What can you do?

The more individuals, groups and organisations that respond the better:
– Write to your MP
– Link up with any local or national campaigns.
– Take part in the consultation – The plan and the link to respond to the consultation can be found at New Plan for Immigration – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk). There are separate consultation documents for individuals and organisations.
– Here is a guide to help complete the consultation.

The government’s proposals are set out here:

This pdf version of the online questionnaire for members of the public allows you to download the questions as a whole to help you formulate your responses to the online questionnaire: https://mail.google.com/mail/ca/u/0/#inbox?projector=1

Further information can be found at:

Please note the consultation finishes on 6th May 2021

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