Molly Watters works at Nottingham digital marketing agency Hallam, where she is an specialist in planning online advertising campaigns.  Molly and her colleagues at Hallam have chosen NNRF as their Charity of the Year, and in particular are supporting the Children and Families service.

Molly will be running the Brighton Marathon in April on behalf of the service at NNRF. She popped in midway through one of her training runs to answer a few of our questions and kindly donate a pair of her running trainers!


Why did you choose the NNRF Children and Families service?

I think it’s really important to raise money for this service as after the trauma families and children in particular have faced they need time to just be children and be able to play and be innocent and alleviate the pressures they face when coming to the UK. Sometimes being the only English speaker in the household and having to translate difficult conversations and letters can lead to huge negative repercussions on their own mental health.


How did you hear about this service?

I heard about this service through my workplace Hallam. Each year Hallam chooses a local charity to support and this year we chose the NNRF Children and Families service. We chose this charity because of the amazing work you do for vulnerable people who otherwise might not have any resource to help. In addition to my marathon and other fundraisers, Hallam organises the Nottingham Digital Summit taking place on 23 June this year. We should have 750 digital professionals there, and all proceeds will go straight to the NNRF.


What is your overall fundraising target and what are you going to do to raise those funds?

I am hoping to raise £1000 for the charity through various activities. My work place and I are going to do a big push on social media for my fundraising page. I’m also letting all my family and friends know of my fundraising so they can support as well. In March I am going into my old Primary school to do a fundraiser with the Year 4 and 5 classes and raise awareness of the struggles of refugee children. I also am going to do some workshops to help the children realise how lucky they are to have the very basic things so many children don’t have. I hope to do lots of fun fundraisers within my workplace and I’m also hosting a quiz night with my friends.


How can members of the public support you with your fundraising endeavours?

It would be great if they could go and check out my Just Giving page and Hallam and NNRF’s social media and donate directly there. Also if anyone wanted to do their own sporting event and join up with me to make a fundraising team they could.


You are running a full marathon which is just shy of 27 miles! Why running, why Brighton and how did you get into it all?

I’m 25 now and I’ve been running since I was 10, so 15 years. It’s just something I always did as I was always very competitive. I’ve always ran for general fitness and to keep my own mental health intact. When I ran my first full marathon two years ago for young people’s mental health I was so driven by the challenge and when I completed it was such a rewarding feeling and I just knew I had to do it all again. I signed up to the Brighton marathon this year as Brighton is a special place to me as it’s where some of my family live and I go every year.



Today you have come to the NNRF building for the first time. What is your impression of the ongoings of the charity and what are you going to take away from today to help spur you on with your challenge?

I think coming here today has been really great as I can see the way the charity operates in real terms and how there are a number of volunteers who help out with everything. I think the way people can get fed here with the help of volunteers is really good. It’s actually very tranquil here and a calm space for people to be able to access help. I’ve been really impressed with how people can donate food and clothes here. There is an amazing support network here and I can see how much the service adheres to the different languages that refugees and asylum seekers speak. There’s a lot for children to engage with here but there are also private spaces for people to chat about serious matters.


Molly’s JustGiving fundraising page can be found here.

Hallam’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages can be found on the links.

Information about donating items to NNRF via Host can be found here.

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