Yazmin Lacey-Phillips: children and families worker has been working with a family who have recently arrived in the UK and teamed up with Daniyaal’s Martial Arts Academy to make some dreams come true…

Contact was made via referral on Advice Pro and Yazmin then invited the family to her summer events. She met them at a family fun day and asked the children what they enjoy doing. Finding out about their interest in martial arts, she then linked them up with Daniyaal who was really pro-active in getting the family on board and put a plea out over social media and managed to raise enough money to support both brothers of the family, within two days, for a year! The academy provided them with a martial arts uniform each.

Daniyaal went to their home again to meet them and it was bought to his attention that they had a sister. Daniyaal found it hard to say that we didn’t have any funding left and when he left their home, he went home with a heavy heart.

The following day Daniyaal spoke to Yazmin about this, and he decided to put out one last plea to the community of Nottingham to help raise money for the sister to attend, within 2 hours they had managed it! Now all three children have started at the martial arts school!

The academy now supports 6 refugees, helping them to integrate into the community, to make to friends.

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