After claiming asylum in November 2014, Hussein and his family have had a long wait, finally all being granted status in July of 2017.

Hussein received his status a bit earlier than his family and threw himself into volunteering here at the Forum with the Specialist Advice Project. 

When the opportunity of a job within the Employability Team occurred, Hussein applied and due to his diligent preparation, research and excellent interview skills, he was offered a paid position here at the Forum within the Employability Team.

Shortly after Hussein was offered a position here at the Forum, the rest of his family were granted leave to remain and thanks to intervention by our specialist advice team, the City Council have recognised a housing duty to all of them including the young adult children.

This is a brilliant outcome for Hussein and his family, as it means they will be able to continue to live together in the future.  Furthermore, gaining employment so quickly after being granted refugee status means that Hussein will gain many vital skills, and his resettlement and integration will be smoother for him and his family.


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