We would like to thank the Y5 pupils and staff of the Parkdale Primary School who organised a massive food collection for the Saturday Group and clothes for Host Nottingham’s clothes bank. As part of this term’s project, the children learned about world conflict and decided to support the Refugee Forum as a result.



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2 thoughts to “Anti-Destitution campaign

  • moloud

    my name is moloud and im 25 from iran
    Actually I have been in this beautiful country for 3 years
    3 years unanswered…
    3 years Blindfold
    3 years Unemployed (I do not have permission)

    I dismissed the Home Official for the first time in London, And I was forced to leave the city with a lot of pressure on me.

    My only wish from the British government is my Identity
    To find a job
    To build new life in peace and tranquility

    Please, To who reads this message, I’m so tired
    Please help me

    my email address : mr.wxyz66@gmail.com

    • Allan Njanji

      Hi Moloud

      Apologies for the late response.
      I am not sure how the NNRF can help someone in your situation, but would suggest you send your request to the following email address:

      Best wishes,



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