Unfortunately, we are not reviewing any research requests at the moment due to resource restraints and limited capacity for support.

If anything changes, we will ensure this page is updated.

Thank you for understanding.

Guidelines for academic research at Nottingham & Nottinghamshire Refugee Forum

NNRF wishes to encourage the study and dissemination of information around forced migration in academia and to the wider public.

However, we also recognise the need to protect our beneficiaries from unwanted questioning about experiences in their lives which may have been traumatic or distressing.

In order to balance these two opposing needs we will only give permission for research to be conducted on our premises if we believe it will reach a wide audience or meet a specific need.

As an organisation we will provide a space to advertise other research opportunities to our beneficiaries, should they be interested in participating, and we will hold a quarterly seminar programme which students and other interested parties can attend on the asylum process and issues specifically relating to NNRF.

If you are interested in conducting research within NNRF, please complete the Research Request Form

A panel of senior managers will consider these requests on a monthly basis, and decide which option to offer.  The decision will be made on the following criteria:

  • Relevance of the topic
  • Influence of the research
  • Reach of the research
  • Disruption to the work of NNRF
  • Potential distress to the beneficiaries