Communities of Identity

Refugees & Asylum Seekers  Partnership – Communities of Identity funding

“To improve the lives of refugees, asylum seekers in Nottingham

NNRF and our 13 partner organisations deliver activities and services that will help people from refugee and asylum seeker communities to get the right support & advice, provide appropriate skills and confidence building activities, and enable them to become active citizens.

We also support the development of strong and vibrant community groups and organisations so that they are more able to represent and provide appropriate activities for their members.

We administer a grants scheme for small grass roots groups outside of the consortium.

For the latest guidance details and application form, please click here.

Deadline September 11th 2017

Download a ‘Directory of Partners’, which includes descriptions and contact details.

Our partners are:

African Institute for Social Development (AISD)

BEGIN (Basic Educational Guidance in Nottinghamshire)


Cameroon Support Group (CSG)

East African Education Centre (EAEC)

Emmanuel House (Support Centre Drop-In/Outreach)



Nottingham Arimathea Trust


Nottingham & Nottinghamshire Refugee Forum (NNRF) [Consortium Lead]

The Rainbow Project

Senior Support Group

Women’s Cultural Exchange

If you’d like to find out more about the consortium and the work that we do please contact Debbie Royle, Partnership Development Coordinator on 0750 8322278 or email