Becoming a Member of NNRF

Following on from our AGM in November 2018, becoming a member of NNRF has never been easier. There are now three simple ways in which one can become a member. Click here and find out how you can become a member. FacebookTwitterGoogle+Share  

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A Letter from Abu

Dear Friend My name is Abdu. I’m a refugee from Eritrea. I escaped Eritrea’s brutal military dictatorship when I was just 16. I have been in Britain since 2015. I haven’t seen my family in five years. I miss them terribly and worry about them so much. I am writing to tell you that right […]

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Stand Up For Asylum Campaign

Stand Up For Asylum This week, Refugee Action launches the Stand Up For Asylum campaign. Over the next three years, we will be campaigning to reform the current asylum system that, as you know, too often fails those it is meant to protect. It is a system that can leave people destitute and homeless or […]

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